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We believe in sharing the Gospel across the world and therefore give over 10% of our income to missions. Below is a list of ministries we support on a monthly basis.

Dufresne Ministries

Nancy Dufresne · Worldwide ·

Billy Miller Ministries

Billy Miller · US

Feeding the Nations

Steve Sumrall · Worldwide ·

Joel Baker Ministries

Joel & Nicola Baker · Montenegro ·

Kenneth Hagin Ministries

Founded by Kenneth E. Hagin · Tulsa, OK ·

Rhema India

Rev. N.Y. Thorat · Nagpur, India ·

Wayside Cross Ministries

Aurora, IL ·

Michael Jacobs Ministries

Michael Jacobs · Worldwide ·

Christian Adventures Intl.

Kevin & Leslie McNulty · Worldwide ·

Gary Upham Ministries

Gary & Pat Upham · Portland, OR

Kenneth Copeland Ministries

Kenneth & Gloria Copeland · Worldwide ·

Randall Grier Ministries

Randal Grier · Worldwide ·

Vida Ministries

(Dennis) & Jeanne Cook · Panama ·

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